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Replenish, hydrate, and tone

This weightless post-cleansing essence is a nutrient dense water toner loaded with moisture replenishing Swiss Alpine Organics, Ceramides and Natural Moisture Factors that instantly absorb into the skin to prep and help restore radiance.

Swipe a cotton round over the skin or splash on a few drops into the palms of your hands. Press into skin to provide a quick hydration boost and to refresh skin and prepare it for serums or moisturizers to follow.*

  • Refines and gently tones surface skin without drying (alcohol free).
  • Hydrates to leave skin feeling soft and supple.
  • Refreshes and preps skin to get maximum results from skincare products that follow.

For normal and dry skin

4.0 FL OZ / 120 ml

"Only recently did I decide to switch from conventional to clean and specifically to the Luzern range. Any doubts I had about the efficacy of clean, non-toxic skin care compared to conventional, dermatologist developed products have been put to rest by the Luzern serums, creams, masks I've used so far. In fact, I've been blown away by the performance of the products I've used so far. This lovely Hydrating Tonic is no exception."


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