In 1999 FDV Crème Luxe was launched in a small Madison Avenue spa. It has become the world's most iconic clean beauty crème. The launch was small, but it reflected Luzern's core values and a belief that the beauty industry could hold true to its values by delivering significant results to clients without compromising health or quality.

  • Clean | Cold Formulating in the USA
  • Swiss Alpine Organics
  • Advanced Cosmeceuticals
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • 3% of Profits to Charity


Sourced in Switzerland. Clean Formulated in the USA.


Growing up on three continents and graduating the same year from university in the United Kingdom, Ralph and I traveled throughout Europe to further our education and passion for the natural world.

Being raised by a professor of environmental studies and a holistic health renegade, we grew to love and admire the organic farms and the spa culture of Alpine France and Switzerland. We found an immediate connection with the area and drew our brand name, inspiration, and ingredients from the rich heritage of this region.

Uncharted Territory

As outsiders in the beauty industry we quickly noticed three things, most of which still stand true today; skincare brands tended to use low levels of active ingredients, they relied on formulating practices that were heavy in chemical additives, and they put more money into marketing than into product quality.

Entering this uncharted territory was a big challenge, but like most challenges, it only strengthened our values and commitment to our larger vision.


Much like our life experience we envisioned a company that would merge the best of the new and the old world, a brand that would embody American innovation with the richness of European tradition and classicism.

We brought our ideas and a small stock of Swiss extracts back home to Soho in New York City where we set up shop. In 1999 at a small boutique on Madison Avenue we launched our first product and treatments using our precious Alpine ingredients. The launch was small, but it reflected our core values and our desire to prove that skincare could be clean, beautiful, and deliver exceptional results.


Since its 1999 launch in that small Madison Avenue spa, Crème Force de Vie has since become the world's most iconic clean beauty crème. Today Luzern can be found in the finest spas and resorts in the world, providing beautifully simple yet transformative treatments to tens of thousands of spa clients each year.

Our spa heritage and loyal following has been our biggest honor and greatest inspiration. Working closely with master estheticians and dermatologists, we have succeeded in maintaining an "open formulating" policy that allows us to develop products and treatments that cater to the needs of each individual client, while making ongoing formulating advances in the ever-progressing field of clean beauty.

We pride ourselves as much on respect for
ecological values as producing results-driven products.

We pride ourselves as much on respect for
ecological values as producing results-driven products.




High potency, hand-harvested Swiss Alpine Extracts, and age-defying cosmeceuticals in every jar.


Vegan and vegetarian formulas, Cruelty-Free certified small, cold-mixed batches, non-GMO, sustainably-farmed, Swiss Alpine Extracts, free from irritating additivies and toxic preservatives.


Powerful organic actives, probiotics, plant stem cells, peptides, and fermentation. Ongoing research and development with the latest results-driven cosmeceutical actives.


Kind to your skin, kind to the earth. Packaging for sustainably-managed forests (FSC-certified), plant-based tubes, and jars and bottles from recycled aluminum and glass.

Giving Back.

Our Planet, People and Peace Initiative is a social impact platform dedicating to donating 3% of profits to the environment, people in need, and social justice for all.