What makes Luzern different from other skin care lines?

Luzern combines both Bio-Suisse and cosmeceutical-grade actives, formulating them into luxurious, safe, and clean products. The Luzern line is the ideal choice for people who want pure, toxin-free skin care but do not want to sacrifice results.


What does cosmeceutical mean?

Cosmeceutical ingredients are high-actives, used at concentrated levels. When used in a topical treatment, cosmeceutical ingredients can change the way our skin behaves. Luzern is committed to using cosmeceutical ingredients at high levels to ensure optimal results from every product.


Where are Luzern products made?

Our Bio-Suisse actives are sourced from high altitudes in the Valais region of Switzerland. Our Clean|Cold formulating process, blending and bottling are done in the United States.


How is Luzern different from OTC (over the counter) and department store skincare?

OTC skincare formulations use inexpensive ingredients, unhealthy fillers, synthetic preservatives, and formulate with low percentages of actives. While active ingredients may be listed on the labels of these products, the actual percentages are often too low to deliver any results. Unfortunately, many manufacturers are more focused on things other than producing clean and safe skin care.


Why are Luzern products priced higher than many other lines?

Luzern spares no expense in formulating with the world’s finest ingredients, including Bio-Suisse Organics. Our actives from Switzerland are standardized to ensure every batch promises the same rejuvenating power. While our Clean|Cold Formulating™ process is both costly and time-consuming, it is necessary to keep our skin care clean, safe, and potent.  Furthermore, because of the activity, amount of actives and purity of the line our products are highly concentrated. These factors are reflected in the prices of our products. Fortunately, these highly-concentrated products go a long way. Only a small amount of product is needed to see significant results, making your investment worth-while. Once our customers experience the “Luzern Difference”, they become loyal for life


What if I am not happy with any Luzern product?

While we take great pride in the quality of our products, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Please inspect your purchase upon arrival for any damage that may have occurred during the shipping process. If there is a problem with your order, please contact our Customer Service team within thirty (30) days of receipt, and we will be happy to assist you with returning your product. Our team can be reached via email at info@luzernlabs.com, or by calling 888.591.7800. In order to return a product, we ask that you provide the following: 

  • Product batch number
  • A copy of receipt or order confirmation

Please note that our return policy applies to orders purchased through luzernlabs.com. Returns that were purchased through an authorized Luzern partner must be returned directly to that partner.

Why do you use High-Altitude Bio-Suisse organic actives in Luzern products rather than regular organic extracts?

It’s simple — because they work better. Bio-Suisse Certified Extracts are grown at high -altitudes and are the “gold standard” of organic ingredients. Extracts grown in harsh Alpine conditions are scientifically proven to have higher levels of antioxidants and polyphenols, creating more effective anti-aging skin care.


Why do you use Cold processing?

This is the most essential consideration when choosing a skin care line. Although natural and non-synthetic ingredients are highly effective, safer, and better for your skin, using these actives in our formulations is only part of the equation. Luzern goes beyond that by using cold processing. This unique process gives us the ability to create effective products, while avoiding toxic and harmful ingredients completely.


How are Bio-Suisse certified ingredients different than other organic ingredients?

Bio-Suisse Certified Ingredients are sourced from Alpine plants, found in high altitudes of the Swiss Alps. To survive in extreme weather conditions, species need to develop uniquely efficient protective factors. Studies have found that plants grown at higher altitudes contain higher concentrations of antioxidants to protect them from environmental assault and antioxidants are the basis of effective anti-aging skin care. Because of this unique Alpine “protective factor,” Swiss extracts are accepted as the “gold standard” of organic extracts.


How do the toxic 12, chemical colors, fragrances and preservatives interfere with the health of my skin?

At Luzern, we believe skin care should be free from irritating chemical preservatives and additives as it can cause irritation and interfere with the health and beauty of the skin. Irritation is a central component in the aging of the skin so chemical formulated anti-aging skin care can actually contribute to skin aging. Furthermore, as the largest organ in the body, your skin efficiently absorbs ingredients and extra care should be taken to use only pure, non-toxic products. Think of skin care as “food for the cells.” If you would not add toxic ingredients to your food, why would you put them on your skin? Much like a diet of good food helps you age better, using high-quality and pure skin care helps your skin remain radiant and beautiful.


What alternative, natural preservatives does Luzern use to preserve products?

The most common preservative systems used are: Parabens; Formaldehyde; Sodium Laural Sulfates; PEG; Propylene Glycol; Phenoxyethanol; Synthetic Fragrances; Synthetic Colours; Mineral Oils and Alcohols. Companies use these preservative systems because they are cheap and easy to use.

Luzern formulates with a variety of natural preservative systems in order to provide a full spectrum of protection from bacteria and microbes. For example, we commonly use Willow Bark Extract, which has been proven to be effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, as well as yeast and mold. It’s incredibly high in salicylic acid, which is one of the best treatments for acne prone skin. Willow Bark Extract is also effective in reducing concerns such as visible lines and wrinkles.  


Are alternative preservatives effective and safe?

Yes. In fact, they are safer than using standard preservatives as they are less likely to cause irritation and allergic reaction. They also do not interfere with the health of the body, and they are better for the skin.


I have used natural and organic products in the past, how is Luzern different?

Natural and organic products are known for being highly ineffective. Fortunately, Luzern first and foremost  is a cosmeceutical company that formulates both clean and results-driven skin care. With Luzern, you no longer have to choose between safety and results.  


I have found natural products to be heavy in oils, alcohols and fragrance, how is Luzern different?

Natural skin care lines commonly use alcohol and oils to preserve the active ingredients in their skin care products. These systems of preservation are easy to formulate with and are inexpensive to use. While they are certainly safer than some other preservative systems, they are not always aesthetically pleasing. A heavy reliance on alcohol and oils can also irritate and dry out the skin. From the beginning, Luzern products have been formulated differently to feel lighter, smoother, and more luxurious.


Why aren’t Luzern products FDA certified organic?

We formulate clean skincare that focuses on results. Central to getting better results is our dedication to purity. Using high-altitude organics is part of our philosophy because these are the most effective organic ingredients in the world. For us, being a certified organic line would mean omitting other safe, and highly effective, ingredients that cannot be certified organic such as Peptides, Vitamins, Oxygen, Co-Q10, and Alpha-Lipoic Acids.


Why do Luzern products contain oxygen, don’t we get enough in the air we breathe?

For the skin to function properly, it must have an adequate supply of oxygen. As we age, the oxygen levels in our skin decline. Studies have shown that even at the age of 25, facial skin can have as little as 30-40% of the oxygen that a child or teenager has. This decrease of oxygen can result in a lack of collagen synthesis (premature aging), impaired cell renewal (dull, rough), and hyperpigmentation (age spots). Oxygen is a catalyst and energy source for most cellular functions, including collagen production and cellular detoxification. We find our natural source of oxygen to be an effective way to energize and keep the skin glowing and vibrant.


Should I use cosmeceutical grade products if my skin is young and healthy?

It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin. As a rule, individuals who take good care of their skin using the right cleansers, active ingredients (such as vitamin, peptides, oxygen etc.) will build up a reserve in the dermis that kicks in as we age. This will give the skin the best possible environment for aging beautifully. Think of it like the difference between eating a diet of junk food and healthy food.


Are Luzern products good for sensitive skin?

With a few exceptions (where the skin needs to build its strength before using certain products) Luzern products are a wonderful choice for sensitive skin. Because our origins are in spas, medi-spas, and dermatologists many of our clients are introduced to Luzern after clinical treatments. Because of this, we have always been extra delicate for clients with sensitive skin. We often find our clients think they have sensitive skin, when in fact they have been using products that are striping and damaging the lipid barrier and thus upsetting the natural balance of the skin. This leaves skin vulnerable to further damage, sensitivity, and even premature aging. Luzern products can noticeably improve sensitive skin and as the lipid barrier begins to repair itself one should see a change in the sensitivity level of the skin.


Can I use Luzern after spa treatments and botox?

Yes, Luzern is an excellent choice after spa treatments. In fact, most Luzern customers are introduced to the brand in a professional setting. Luzern gives you everything you need to “feed the skin” with professional-grade active ingredients.


Can I use Luzern products with prescription skin care such as retinols?

Yes, you can safely use Luzern products with Retin A products. Since our line is so gentle and clean, it works well with other products. Still, we encourage our customers to consult their physician if they have any concerns or questions.


Can I use more than one Serum Absolut at a time?

Yes! The beauty of the Serum Absolut line is that it is completely customizable depending on your skin’s daily, weekly, monthly, or even seasonal changes. Many people collect the whole series of serums. Just adding a few drops of Serum Absolut transforms your normal skin care routine and deeply penetrates the skin for instant results. We highly recommend starting with a serum layering routine that will target, build and hydrate the skin.


How long will products last once they are opened?

All Luzern products will be bio-active for 2 years, with the exception of our Serum Absolut V15 and Rescue. These two products should be used within 1 year.


Are Luzern products environmentally sustainable?

We take pride in being an environmentally sustainable company. At Luzern we use Eccocert (European Community Certified) and Bio-Suisse Certified Organic ingredients whenever possible. We support sustainable organic and bio-dynamic agriculture. Our products do not contain environmentally damaging chemical compounds such as Paraben, petrochemicals and formaldehydes. Our packaging is recyclable and low impact and we use highly recyclable and low impact aluminum and glass. Plastic is kept at a minimum. We want our company to be around in 100 years, not our packaging.